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1.  How can a CIC Help Your Business?

Consider the following facts.

  • Your business can change rapidly, driven by competition, demands of your customers or changes in the technology that supports your business.
  • Technology can transform the outlook of your business and its performance. However, technology not aligned properly with your business needs and goals will seriously reduce productivity and create performance bottlenecks.
  • Technology changes rapidly and keeping up with the changes is one of the many challenges that today’s business executives and decision makers face.
  • Auditing performances of people and systems to determine their suitability to meet an organization’s goals, needs and priorities must be done impartially and independently.

These are some of the major problems faced by all modern businesses. There are a number of services a CIC can offer to remedy these problems. Usually, these are highly technical services that your employees are either not trained to perform, or cannot perform in full form. Some of the main services a CIC can offer are given below.

Analysis and Development of System Specifications

Information processing forms the backbone of any modern business. However, selecting and implementing the best possible method of information processing can be a daunting task, especially for a non-technical person. There are a large number of variables to consider before a set of specifications can be produced. If the proposed system requires implementation of Information & Communication Technology, a detailed study of requirements and resources must be made before a workable specification could be developed. Developing specification for a system that is feasible, schedulable, affordable, saleable and ethical requires experience, knowledge and an unbiased approach. A system built on bad specification can lead to productivity decline, information loss and even a total system failure.


A CIC can carefully examine the current information system and identify potential problem areas. Using his experience and expertise, he can then create specifications for a new system that can help increase productivity and efficiency while decreasing the overall cost of information processing.


Designing and Implementing Information Systems

Although, traditionally, this has remained the domain of contractual programmers, a CIC may extend his services to designing and implementing the proposed system. The obvious advantage is that the CIC has the best possible knowledge of the proposed system (as he is the one who has designed its specifications) and, in rare cases, can also implement design changes if the need arises. The CIC will not engage in active programming, but may hire contractual programmers who will work under his supervision.

ICT Training for Business Executives and Employees

The world of Information and Communication Technology moves fast. For most people, especially employees who are working 9 to 5, it is not practical to keep up on their own with innovations and changes in ICT standards that are almost an everyday thing. Needless to say, their technical abilities decline with the passage of time. In-house refresher courses are the best and inexpensive way to bring these employees up to speed with the current standards and technologies. These carefully designed training courses will benefit your business in three important ways:

  • Decreased expenses as employees will able to use the available resources more efficiently.
  • Increased productivity through enhanced ability of employees to use the latest technology.
  • Faster and more accurate results as performance constraints are removed.

It is much more economical, convenient and time saving to hire a CIC for in-house training then to arrange training with IT institutes.

2. Technical Assistance

In cases where it is not possible, financially or otherwise, to hire a full-time ICT professional to manage your internal ICT requirements, a CIC can provide technical assistance to your business. This can be done in a number of ways:  limited-time contracts, per visit basis, remote assistance, etc.

A CIC can provide technical assistance on critical matters such as:

Hiring of Technical Staff

It is an unfortunate fact that most interviews for technical jobs are conducted by non-technical executives. Technical staff is mostly hired on their outlook, references or work done during their academic tenure. A CIC can help you in hiring the right person for the job by carefully examining their technical as well as interpersonal skills.

Audit of ICT Infrastructure

Evaluating whether human and computer resources at your company are being utilized most efficiently and effectively is an important practice that needs to be done independently and impartially. A CIC can provide professional advice on choosing the best possible combination of hardware and software, assigning roles and responsibilities to people, and policy and procedural changes that could remove bottlenecks in the system.

Designing and Implementing ICT Security:

Data is the most valuable part of any information processing system. Maintaining the security and integrity of data is of paramount importance. Even if your information system is working efficiently, it may not be secure or stable enough to withstand intrusion or a potential disaster. Remember, without data, even the most expensive information system is useless. Today, with the increased usage of the Internet the risks of hacking, virus infection and abuse of privileges are greater than ever. A CIC can analyze your current system for weaknesses and instabilities and recommend appropriate remedies to safeguard the integrity of your systems and data.

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