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About Me

I am a Lahore-based educator and consultant. I am currently involved in a number of different projects and personal ventures. I have more than thirty-five years of computer-related experience and I have been teaching and training at various private schools and colleges for more than thirty years. I have worked as an IT consultant and also as part of senior management with various local and multinational companies and educational institutes. My diverse experience enables me to introduce new prospective and offer intelligent solutions to my clients and at the same time I use this experience to align my students with the latest industry developments.

My Story

I was born in Lahore, where I have lived for most of my life, benefiting from a warm and supporting family, and a city which provided me with a sound education and opportunities for personal growth.

I attended National College of Computer Sciences (1989) and completed a diploma in computer science. In 1994, I did my Bachelors in Journalism from University of the Punjab. I completed my Executive Masters Degree in Computer Science from the Lahore Institute in 2000, and a full Masters Degree in Computer Science from Al-Khair University in 2003.

Since my younger days I have believed in a disciplined life, a concept seeded by my parents and enhanced by my teachers. This has stayed with me into adult life, and I now find myself realizing the importance and beauty of such ideas and principles. My aim, therefore, is to carry this approach to life and to be able to share it with others through everything I do.

Another concept that I have always been interested in is the pursuit of knowledge, a search that seems to have no end but which is both tantalizing and rewarding at the same time. In terms of my profession, this means motivating and encouraging others, doing the best in everything, and never being afraid to say “I don’t know”. I aim to inspire a creative and positive way of dealing with problems that are part of everyone’s lives.


I was introduced to the world of computers by my father at the age of thirteen. Although I preferred playing computer games on my Commodore C64 over programming, the later soon started to consume most of my free time. However, it wasn’t until 1986 that I took the idea of becoming a computer professional seriously. Amazingly, my first attempt at ‘doing something’ with computers has survived almost two decades of ups and downs. MIR Consultants (formerly Digital Art & Design), started in 1987 as a ‘one-room’ computer graphics and animation company has now morphed into a consultancy service providing ICT solutions and educational consultancy for small businesses.

In 1991, while still working as a systems analyst for Digital Art & Design, I ventured into the exciting and fast-paced world of international financial markets. During the next nine years, I was associated with a number of multinational companies where I acquired experience and skills in trading commodities, currencies and capital markets. My work mainly included marketing, staff training, technical analysis of financial markets and risk management.

I have been fortunate all along my life to be guided and helped by some very kind, competent and educated individuals. I feel they have left an everlasting impression on my life. One of these individuals is my honorable teacher Michio Fukushima (a senior Judo instructor at Kodokan Judo Institute and Tokyo Police Training Center) who’s guidance helped me become a stronger person, both physically and mentally. I am thankful to my family and parents, specially to my mother, for her love and support in times when I desperately needed it. I am thankful to my late father (may Allah rest his soul) for showing me the way, during his life, and after. I would also thank those who have put impediments in my path and consequently made me rise higher

Concepts of honesty and discipline have been central to my life and are, I hope, evident in everything that I take on. I am, and shall always be, thankful to Allah for His never-ending blessings and pray that He gives me the wisdom to choose the right path and the courage to walk it.

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