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Articles by Mubashir N. Mir (under development)

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  • Contribution of level and type of education towards overall standards of living.
  • Role of a teacher in an education system.
  • A brief look at Nationalization of 1972 and its effects on education system of Pakistan.
  • Primary and derivative sources of knowledge in Islamic education system.
  • Implications of objectives in classroom teaching.
  • Various methods of data collection and analysis for research.
  • Importance of various sources of information in research.
  • Common types of experimental designs in educational research.
  • A brief discussion of Educational Research and its various forms.
  • Methods of acquiring knowledge.
  • A detailed discussion on Curriculum Designing.
  • Importance of Evaluation in an educational system and its various forms.
  • Role, Agents and Importance of "Change".
  • Characteristics of social and moral development.
  • Significance of personality for a school teacher.
  • Nature and significance of intelligence.
  • A detailed discussion on teaching, its elements and methodologies.
  • An in-depth look at steps and approaches to lesson planning.


Mubashir N. Mir - MIR Consultants

Lahore, Pakistan.