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MIR Consultants (formerly Digital Art & Design)

During the late 1980s, the use of computers become popular in graphics designing. Though computers were very expensive, and quality graphics software were hard to find, a few small firms started using computers for designing television commercials and video presentations. Digital Art & Design, started purely as a computer graphics firm. It was the brainchild of two computer enthusiasts; one a graphics designer, and the other, a computer programmer. On June 22, 1987, Digital Art & Design opened its office in a small rented house in Lahore, quickly establishing itself as one of the top computer graphics and animation companies in Lahore. Its clients included Pakistan Television and several private production companies.

In response to a growing demand of computer software in the small business market, Digital Art & Design started its software division in 1993. Within  a short period of time it penetrated such markets as pharmaceutical, marketing and promotion, law firms, financial institutions and food industry. The next year, its software division also started importing software for popular machines such as IBM compatibles, Commodore and Atari. In 1995, Digital Art & Design closed its graphics division and directed all resources to computer hardware sale/maintenance, software and web development. During this time, Digital Art & Design added names like Centre for High Energy Physics (Punjab University), The Bank of Punjab, Brothers Group, Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy & Art and Quest Financials to its client list.

On June 22, 2000, Mubashir Nabi Mir (who had acquired the sole proprietorship of Digital Art & Design) changed its name to MIR Consultants. Entering the new millennium and anticipating an enormous demand for IT in the small and medium business sector in Pakistan, MIR Consultants now directs its services towards corporate ICT training, designing and implementing ICT infrastructure and technologies, security systems, software and web development for SMEs

Entering its third decade on June 22, 2007, MIR Consultants look forward to serving its future clients and partners with the same dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism that has earned the trust of many before them.

A selective list of clients.

  • Center for High Energy Physics (Punjab University)

  • Systems Ltd.

  • Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Art

  • Chand Bagh Foundation

  • The Bank of Punjab

  • Shahid Oriental Carpets

  • Quest Financial Consultants

  • Brothers Group of Companies

Mubashir N. Mir

Mubashir Nabi Mir is a Lahore-based educator and consultant. He is currently involved in a number of different projects and private ventures. Mubashir has more than twenty five years of computer-related experience, and has been teaching and training for over fifteen years. He has worked as an IT consultant and as part of senior management with various local and multinational companies and educational institutes. His diverse experience enables him to introduce new prospective and offer intelligent solutions to his clients.

Mubashir holds a masters degree in computer science and has attended several professional courses on IT, education and management. Mubashir formally started teaching and training in 1993 when he joined First Intermarket Management, a Lahore-based financial markets trading company. Since then, he has taught and trained thousand of students and professionals at various reputable organizations and educational institutes in Lahore.

A qualified Judo practitioner and instructor, Mubashir has earned a place in the sports history of his country as well. He has the distinction of being one of only three Judo players in Pakistan who hold a black belt from the International Judo Federation and the Kodokan Judo Institute. He also has the honor of being the vice captain of the first ever Pakistani Judo team to participate in any international event. Mubashir has trained Judo players of the Pakistan's National Judo Team, Pakistan Police, Pakistan Army, Punjab and Balochistan. Before retiring from the sport in 1996, Mubashir held senior administrative positions in several Judo associations including Technical Advisor to the Pakistan Judo Federation.

Mubashir owns MIR Consultants, a consultancy firm that provides services in IT and education sectors. He is also a member of computer science faculty at Lahore College of Arts & Sciences (LACAS), Resource Academia and SICAS, teaching Cambridge International Examination's ICT and Computer Science syllabi at O & A Levels.

Mubashir Mir conducts regular IT workshops and short courses for corporate staff and executives. He is an IT evangelist who likes to see IT being used positively in various professional and non-professional fields. He is a strong supporter of using Open Source/Freeware software specially in the field of education.

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Mubashir N. Mir - MIR Consultants

Lahore, Pakistan.