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Mubashir N. Mir

Educator and Technology-Consultant

About Me

I am a Lahore-based educator and consultant. I am currently involved in a number of different projects and personal ventures. I have more than thirty-five years of computer-related experience and I have been teaching and training at various private schools and colleges for more than thirty years.


What I Offer

I offer a number of services as an educator, education consultant, Chartered ICT Consultant (CIC) and as PR consultant. For details of my PR, education and technology consulting services, please visit my company website at http://www.mirconsultants.com

Education Consulting

I work with schools and teachers closely and provide advisory services in curriculum designing, teacher training, STEM education, developing teaching methodologies, and career counseling. My education consulting services are tailored to the exact needs of schools and individual teachers.

Technology Consulting

Today, no business can survive without an efficient and accurate information system. I offer software development, website development, information systems infrastructure designing, and implementation and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to the Small & Medium Enterprise sector through my company MIR Consultants.

What I Do

Charactered ICT Consultant (CIC)

A Chartered ICT Consultant (CIC) is a computer professional who deals with individual clients, or client firms, as an independent contractor rather than as an employee. Consultants are often engaged to analyze user needs and develop system specifications. Additionally, a CIC may also extend his services to designing and implementing systems based on such specifications and providing ICT training for those who are involved.


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